Top 12 must have Plugins for WordPress 3.1

Custom Plugins can extend WordPress to do anything you may imagine. Does your WordPress blog has the most essential plugins? Let me point out few plugins that improve your web site user experience and make WordPress admin tasks easier. I have created a list of 12 WordPress plugins which are very useful for every blogger who are blogging on WordPress platform.

WP-DB-Backup (WordPress Database Backup)

WordPress backup files rescue your blog by restoring your blog files during unforeseen events of losing your blog files. This invaluable plugin backs up the core WordPress tables as well as other tables (optional) of your blog. Few among the many backup options include: save to server, download to computer, and email backup file. Also you can schedule the back up on hourly, daily, or weekly basis.
Download WP-DB-Backup

WP Super Cache

What if your site loads faster than ever by offering your site visitors a great user experience?  Isn’t it great? This plugin generates static html files from the bulky dynamic php files. Most of the users will be served with the static pages that download faster than php files. You can fine tune the performance of your blog with the help of many options that are available in the plugin settings page.
Download WP Super Cache

WP Minify

This plugin helps in improving your blog’s page load time. This mini plugin achieves its goal by combining & compressing the java scripts (JS) and cascading style sheets (CSS) of your blog.
Download WP Minify

Google XML Sitemap

My website receives more number of visitors with the help of this plugin. Visitor traffic to your site increases because your website ranking improves in major search engine results page (SERP). This plugin generates the xml sitemap that helps the search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and to index your blog. It also notifies major search engines every time you make a post in your blog. You can also include non wordpress generated pages in the sitemap. Also you can update your post change frequencies, priorities, and many other options.

Download Google XML Sitemap

Search Unleashed

This plugin helps your visitors search your blog effectively. It enhances the standard WordPress search with many helpful features. You can manage the sections of data (like posts, pages, comments, title, and meta-data) to be included in the search results. To mention another feature, you can view the search log of your site visitors.
Download Search Unleashed

Contact Form 7

This plugin helps you to easily customize, set up, and manage multiple forms in your blog. It also supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and many other plugins.
Download Contact Form 7

Share and Follow

This plugin helps link your website and posts to social networking sites. It offers to easily set up sharing and following icons and links  on your website. Share and Follow Administration panel has plentiful of options to manage the plugin features.
Download Share and Follow

SEO Smart Links

Again you can offer better user experience to your site visitors by automatically interlinking your blog posts. It also improves search engine rankings of your web pages. You can manage many options like setting up your own keywords and set of matching URLs, and nofollow.
Download SEO Smart Links


GoCodes helps shortening and masking an awkward looking URL. It also helps redirecting to your favorite affiliate programs. There is a great advantage for affiliate marketers when used with SEO Smart Links.
Download GoCodes

Really Simple CAPTCHA

This plugin works with the Contact Form 7 and reduces spam. It is also compatible with many other plugins.
Download Really Simple CAPTCHA

FD Feedburner Plugin

It simply redirects your blog’s main feed and comments to You have to just provide your feedburner feed URL to make it work.
Download FD Feedburner Plugin

No Self Pings

This plugin avoids sending pings to your own site when you publish posts with links to your own posts. Activate the plugin after installation. No configuration required!
Download No Self Pings

Above mentioned plugins may not be most essential WordPress plugin but they will add another layer of functionality and add features to your WordPress blog.

Do let us know more such plugins without which you can’t think of having a WordPress blog.