Awesome CakePHP


Note: You can get most recent version here. A curated list of amazingly awesome CakePHP plugins, resources and shiny things. Also see as a categorized list. This list is specifically for CakePHP 2.x (for CakePHP 3.x please see the cake3 branch). It is a recommendation for good plugins and solutions for this major CakePHP… [Continue Reading…]

Namitha Inaugurates PHP/MySQL Training centre in Chennai


PHP Scripting Language is the principle that helps in create websites. But today no institution is coming forward to teach PHP/MySQL to students. KSK Technologies step in here. It provide proper education of the same and help people create their own websites. The company is also coming up with website building for all. Thereby it… [Continue Reading…]

Get ready for PHP 5.6


PHP 5.6 is coming today (PHP 5.6.0 tagged) According to, PHP 5.6 will be released today. This is an incremental release of the PHP language, offering a few new features. Yet even though this release is relatively small in features, the features included are powerful and will change the way each one of us develops…. [Continue Reading…]