Kendo UI Mobile – Web app framework


Kendo UI Mobile is a performance focused UI framework top of jQuery. Making use of adaptive rendering technology, it emulates native-looking UI on devices without developers having to change anything. Usage of JavaScript can be made minimal, existing mostly in the ViewModel portion of the MVVM pattern. By that token, it’s the UI components where… [Continue Reading...]

jQuery Mobile with Backbone – Mobile web app framework


jQuery – the swiss army knife for cross-browser JavaScript used in well over 50% of all web sites in the world. This also means that there are more jQuery developers than those programming in any other JavaScript library, although that doesn’t necessarily guarantee finding quality talent easily. jQuery Mobile is a minimalistic upgrade to jQuery designed for responsive… [Continue Reading...]

Sencha Touch – Mobile web app framework


Very few technologies have made such a breakthrough to bring mutually incompatible platforms together as HTML5 has. HTML5 is the most popular choice for enterprise mobile developers (Forrsights 2013) with the capacity to grow even stronger. If you are in the market for a good mobile web UI framework, you are probably overwhelmed with the vast number… [Continue Reading...]

Twitter Bootstrap


We all know Twitter Bootstrap is an epic front end development toolkit, but what about some additional resources for those of us looking to really dig our heels in? Fear not, as listed here are the Top 12 Websites for Twitter Bootstrap. You’ll find the tools and inspiration to take your designs beyond the built in markup,… [Continue Reading...]