Check out What’s Coming with Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 is almost here! We updated the Firefox 4 release candidate with some minor security fixes and updates to several localizations, including the addition of a Vietnamese localized version. Firefox will now ship in 80 languages. We’re excited to deliver the new features, look and speed of Firefox 4 to our more than 400 million users worldwide.

Watch this video to see what’s new in Firefox 4:

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Firefox 4.0 Available for Download

Firefox 4.0 was expected to be released in the ending quarter of last year but it seems that company had resolution to provide its lovers an almost enthralling, near perfect, new bug free version of its browser. I used it and found it much faster and easy to use. It seems Company has put all its puissance to develop a browser which not only has all the qualities which the previous versions of Firefox essentially had but also has all the bugs fixed which its predecessors had.

Though the release of Firefox 4.0 is schedule to be officially launch tomorrow but it has been made available for download on the Mozilla Firefox FTP servers.

Firefox 4.0 before release was tested through 12 Beta developments and two Release Candidates and all this made possible to bring about this bug free version.

Features Which are Attractive

  • Pop up control feature
  • Improved Hardware acceleration
  • Better support for HTML5 and flash
  • Tab browsing
  • Streamlined browsing experience
  • Improved performance
  • Changed innovative GUI

GUI has been changed innovatively to introduce some attractive and fun features. One such feature in GUI is country flag feature. By this feature you can see a flag of the country where the website is hosted and to which country its domain name and IP address belongs. Another feature is to move extension buttons into your main address bar. Tab grouping like Opera’s Tab stacking is also a fun feature.

Besides Firefox gives users extra command to manage add-on, can synchronize content over various devices and has better hardware acceleration. Firefox also has a good compatibility to run with HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WebM and others.

Now as the delayed release has made the competition much tougher as meanwhile IE9 and Google Chrome 10 have become popular, it is Firefox’s real trial to make a place of its own.

For downloading Firefox 4.0 for Windows,Linux,Mac click here

WordPress 3.2, the plan: faster, lighter

As per official note, here’s what WordPress 3.2 is looking like:

  • Faster release cycle than 3.1 — more focused release. I’ll be taking point on this release, making sure people stay on target and making sure we don’t try to slip “one more thing” in. Don’t make me get mean. :-)
  • The theme is “faster, lighter.” We’re dropping support for outdated technologies. We’re looking at making things faster, and we’re looking at making the writing experience more lightweight and calming.
  • List Tables API improvements (Westi and Koop) – finalize the API for third party use and more flexibility.
  • List Table XHR loading – to be investigated only after List Table API has stabilized. Make sure it’s worth it before we burn time on it.
  • PHP 5.2 (5.2.4, specifically) to be required. Drop compat. But don’t go adding a bunch of PHP5 stuff. This release is about dropping the old, not adding the new. More red than green.
  • MySQL 5 to be required. This quite literally involves no work beyond changing the requirements. Do not change queries.
  • IE6 EOL for the admin. If BrowseHappy is updated in time, we can consider adding a “use a real browser” nag for IE6 users. We probably can’t drop much CSS, as IE7 shares a lot of the issues. This is mostly symbolic, and reduces the platform combos we need to test. This also means any security issues that are shown to only affect IE6 only can be lowered in priority.
  • Distraction Free Writing. This is our headline “ooh, shiny” user feature. Replace our current fullscreen implementation with something more beautiful, more useful (in terms of line-length and font size), and simpler (only limited RTE functionality). Look at WriteRoom, OmmWriter, for inspiration. Koop is investigating this, and may crank out a quick plugin to jump-start development efforts
  • Upgrade improvements. Changed-files-only upgrades can be done with zero changes to core. For the first effort, let’s just do updates to the latest point-point from within the same major version. So, 3.2 to 3.2.2 and 3.2.1 to 3.2.2. Optionally consider scanning for changed core files and offering them a full upgrade to overwrite those changed files.
  • Speed improvements. There are a bunch of little things we can do to make WordPress load or at least “feel” faster. Nacin is looking at PHP lazy loading. He also is working on a patch to make the admin menu load faster by doing the expansion in PHP. We can make the dashboard faster by not doing async requests for panes if the cache is hot. Dion has some FTP improvements that should make upgrades a lot faster for people using a certain FTP server. Everyone can get involved here. Pick sometime small and manageable that will make WordPress a little faster. Together, they’ll add up to a bullet point in the release post.