PHP 5.6 alpha release

PHP 5.6 alpha will be releasing on 23 Jan 2014. It is already tagged here. New Features in PHP 5.6 Large file upload support (>2GB) (almost hitting this issue when uploading large videos) Reduced memory usage in POST requests Variadic … [Read more]

Download WordPress 3.8 RC1

Today WordPress 3.8 RC1 is released. Check out announcement here: WordPress 3.8 Features MP6 (a visual overhaul of the admin area), DASH (a redesign of the dashboard landing page), THX38 (a … [Read more]

WordPress 3.7 beta

WordPress to Introduce Auto-Update Feature in WordPress 3.7 With WordPress 3.7 and 3.8, we’re a project in major transition. Version 3.7 aims to solve for a lot of things that are weighing us down. Processes, Tools, Workflows New … [Read more]